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(850) 322-3315
184 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn

Ruth E Sams

Technical Project Manager at Fair Pattern, NYC

I developed a Database for internal use using Microsoft Access to facilitate our Speaker's Bureau business. I was instrumental in transitioning to Django/MySql as our needs grew.

My main area of focus is devloping the reporting dashboard for various Client deliverables. Here is a screenshot of a typical reporting dashboard for internal use. I created the dashboard and the MySQL reports.

Here is a link to a portfolio of my work.

Previously I worked onsite at Morgan Stanley in midtown working for ActiveNetwork/StarCite, building registration event websites with a team of 4 others.

Before that I worked at Florida State University before relocating to Brooklyn. I was the sole designer and content provider for the Florida State University main website. The main University template (which I helped design and implement) is currently in place.

I designed and implemented a Sharepoint Portal which our helpdesk staff uses today.